Friday, 15 February 2013

#NYFW Review

For me, Fashion Week is such an exciting time of year, even though I don't actually attend it. This year especially I have had more of a chance to check for updates everyday as its great research for my current fashion project. So I am just going to tell you about some of my favourite shows and even a couple that disappointed me a little. 

Elizabeth & James 

As a brand it never disappoints -and how could it with MK&A running the show. They always make sure that every item is wearable keeping to basic shapes and colour palettes. I especially love the jackets from this season as I adore this cocoon shape at the moment, and the additional bold/printed accessories really spice up the collection.

Derek Lam

What is not to love about this collection?! When I was younger I used to think that blue and any kind of beige-y/camel colour was the worst combination in the world, but now it just so happens to be my favourite! Lam's use of elegant long lines and dark shades really compliments the figure, and the type of material gives the set a sense of luxury, but is made very wearable due to certain cuts of garments. 

Proenza Schouler 

Being, in my eyes, a classy brand you expect a classy collection, and that is definitely  what we got this season. Again, this brand has gone for over sized jackets, but I think it is the details which really attracted me. Along with the monochrome palette, there are some really strong shapes that have been created just using lines and folds, such as the white pencil which I think is really defining; it really makes a woman look powerful!

Don't get me wrong, I am no expert in fashion it is just something I enjoy - but I do have an opinion on it, and there were a couple of collections that I was a little disappointed with. The first being Oscar de la Renta; usually every single piece is elegant and feminine but this season I just found the set a whole very unsettling. The colour palette was all over the place with autumnal browns in some areas, then bright pink dresses in others. Not his usual standard by far.
Now, I love Alexander Wang as much as the next girl (if not more) but there was some very odd snood/hat accessories going on that were not my taste at all. And the fur trousers were a no-go for me as well. However I guess fashion is all about experimentation and going the extra mile, so hats off to the guy for that!

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