Saturday, 26 January 2013

Vogue to release Miss Vogue in the UK

British Vogue have announced the release of Miss Vogue, a magazine targeted at a younger audience but with all the same qualities and characteristics of its older counter part, which will be available on May 6th alongside Vogue's June issue. 

One of the main differences between the two is that Miss Vogue will be more aware of budget, which I think is a really important feature. A magazine, in some ways, should be a like a shopping directory - you see something you like, you find out where its from and you go and buy it. When looking through higher-end magazines I often spot items and fall in love with them, instantly to be disheartened but their price tag. So I think the fact that they are showing understanding of this really makes young adults, such as myself, feel as though they are listening. 

(Kendall Jenner for Miss Vogue Australia)

I really do think the magazine will be a success as there is a real gap in the market for teen magazines in the UK; and as Vogue has such a huge reputation, they won't let us down with this!

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